What's the difference between pictures taken with a regular camera and the pictures taken by a professional?

This is what a regular camera can do.
Not a bad picture, but a buyer may miss the spaciousness of the room.
This could result in a lost showing, or worse, a missed transaction.

This is what our professional camera can do.

This picture gives the best feel for the room and the home.
Be sure to click on the picture to enlarge it.
  •  Both of the pictures above were taken standing in the same spot and with both cameras at their widest angle possible.
  • Try clicking on either picture for a larger version.

Examples of Twilight Photography by Altivid. 

  • This slide show is a demonstration of how fast and easy your listings photos will playback for buyers online. 
  • One click will start playing the photos.  The "Options" menu let's buyers control speed of playback.
  • The playback area is large for buyers to visualize all the finer details of the photo and can also be played in full screen mode.

Example 1 of Still Photography
  • We hope this home's traditional size will help you realize how well our wide angle lens can work in tight places.
  • Sometimes the not so large bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, storage rooms, etc are not easy to photograph with a typical agent's camera. 
  • Our professional equipment does an excellent job of handling tight spaces and complicated lighting situations in a home.

Example 2 of Still Photography
  • For this home we digitally added the front yard landscaping so a buyer could have an easier time imagining the yard installed. 
  • In the captions, we've also added more details about the rooms.
  • Do you have a special request? Just let us know. We're here to help.

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