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Comparison Category

"Tungsten Tour" Package

$599 Complete Cost
     Full Motion Video Tour

A full motion video tour is the highest level of online tour.  It's the step up from the traditional "still picture slideshow" virtual tour.
  • Entire home without walking the camera.
  • No limit on # of scenes.
  • Background music.
  • 15 minutes or more in length.
  • Embed this online tour within your own website for added benefit.**
  • Playable on mobile phones.
      Narration of Video Tour

This is where video really stands out.  Narration keeps buyers watching.  We can speak the unseen features that buyers might otherwise miss. 

  •  Included
      Professional Still Photos

Wide angle, but not a "fish bowl" look.  Crisp, high resolution images for web and print.  You get an emailed digital copy to use as you'd like.  Great client gift!.  We do not do motion on photos because it cuts off the perimeter of the photo.

Buyers love our larger photo viewer that is ultra fast loading, even for slow internet users. 

  • Includes up to 100 still photos.
  • Includes up to 20 Twilight Photos.
  • Altivid provides the easiest automatic photo slide show.  It's fast loading for buyers who don't like waiting.
  • Embed this photo tour within your own website too.**
     Realtor.com Syndication

 Altivid includes a Realtor.com syndication whether you are a "Showcase" Agent or not. 

  •  Included
     Custom DVD of Video Tour

Full featured DVD with a menu of scenes of the home.
We offer low cost sets of an extra 25, 50, 75 or 100 DVDs at $2/e.  These make impressive "Just listed" mailers. 

  • 25 DVDs Included
  • Branded label with your logo and contact info.
  • Branded credits within the movie.
      Custom Full Color Brochure

Full size folded 14 x 8.5 inch double sided laser print on gloss paper.  Low cost sets of an extra 25, 50, 75 or 100 brochures are $2/e.
  • Includes 25 brochures
  • Branded with your logo and contact info.
 MP3 Audio Tool for your website:  Check it out on the Background Music page.  You can embed an audio description of your listing on your own website. **
  •   Included
 YouTube Channel.  We create your own YouTube channel, for you, so buyers and prospective listing clients can see all of your Altivid Videos in one place.   **
  •  Included
Online Feature Description.  Make sure the buyers don't miss anything.  Below the Photo/Video viewer, we offer a large area to include all the features you'd like.  
  •  Included
Retake of exterior of the home.  If we do the video in the winter, we'll come back once when you are ready to update your online video for a more seasonal reflection of the home.  If we do the video in the summer, we'll come retake the exterior of the home in the winter.
  •  Included
 Total Cost Comparison 
 $599 Tungsten Tour
Full array of services
 Aerial Photography
  •  Add $175
 Aerial Photography (Twilight)
  • Included in Aerial Photography
 Aerial Videography
  •  Included in Aerial Photography

All tour costs are for within a 150 mile radius distance from Salt Lake City, UT.

 Just the Full Motion Video Tour of entire home.
  • No limit on the # of scenes.
  • Includes narration and background music.
  • Includes your own YouTube Channel
  • Includes Feature Description Area Online
 Just the Professional Still Photos.
  •  Includes up to 100 still photos.
  • Easiest automatic playback.  It's fast loading too.
  • Wide angle photos without "fish bowl" distortion.
  • Crisp high resolution images are emailed to you.
  • Optional Twilight/Dusk Photo Shoot
  • Includes Feature Description Area Online
  • Optional .MP3 Audio Player (narrate your slideshow)

Twilight Photos add $100

Audio Player add $75
 Additional custom DVDs.  Great for Just Listed mailings.
  • Order in sets of 25, 50, 75 or 100.
  • Branded labels with your logo and contact info.
  • Branded credits within the movie.
 Additional custom brochures.
  • Folded 14 x 8.5 gloss paper.
  • Double sided LASER printing.
  • Full color.
  • Branded with your contact info.

** Altivid cannot guarantee that an audio tool or the video embed code is compatible with every website.  Contact your website provider to verify it's compatibility to accept custom HTML code for embedding outside objects.  We can help you contact your website host if you'd like us to. 

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