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Benefits of Full Motion Video over a traditional "Slide show" Virtual Tour
  1. The listing agent knows the property best and buyers are shopping online first. A video, using details from the listing agent, does a better job of visually demonstrating amenities to buyers and other agents before they have the initial showing of the home.
  2. Video can be narrated with integrated scenes of specific features and highlights of the home, thus creating a greater emotional connection for prospective buyers.
  3. A narrated video helps to bridge the information gap that occurs when an unfamiliar agent shows the home without really knowing much about the place prior to seeing it with the buyer.
  4. The popularity of online video is skyrocketing.  Video is now superior in showcasing listings because of the advances in online video technology and it’s accessibility to prospective buyers.
  5. Video provides a higher level of perspective of an overall property as compared to a slide-show of still pictures.
Video benefits the seller.
  1. With the increase of inventory of homes for sale and the decrease in prospective buyers, it’s so much more important to set your listings apart from the competition by focusing buyer's attention on details using our video and a custom narration of the property features.
  2. Sellers love video because an online video is similar to hosting an Open House 24/7.  Except with an online video the sellers only cleaned up for it once.  Plus the agent didn’t spend any time setting up signs and didn’t have to do any newspaper ads.  It’s like having a virtual web assistant on staff, full-time, giving completely professional guided tours with a consistent level of information being given to each prospective buyer.
  3. Some sellers are sharing our video tours with their family, friends and co-workers.  The sellers love to help spread the word about their home being on the market.
  4. Sellers save time.  If buyers don’t like the video online, they are not going to waste time to see it in person.  So, there’s less hassle to the sellers in preparing their home for needless showings to otherwise uninterested buyers.
  5. When buyers understand more features of the home, they are likely to appreciate it better and produce a stronger offer that’s more likely to get everyone to the closing table.
Video benefits the buyer. 
  1. Buyers spend more time looking online at the home if there is a video.  
  2. Buyer’s love video because it saves time.  It takes less time to see a video than it does to call an agent, schedule an appointment, then drive to see the home.  This is also good for the environment.
  3. Buyers connect to the home prior to seeing it.  So when they see it in person, they are already familiar with it and can spend more time imagining themselves living in the home.
  4. A video gets the job done but is a passive broadcast of information that does not feel like a pushy salesman.
Video benefits the agent.
  1. Video is a great tool to win more listing appointments by providing a higher level of value.  Videos are impressive to 3 groups of people, the first is the seller, the next are the buyers, and the third are the neighbors who are thinking of selling.  A video is practically a listing presentation by itself for prospective buyers who have a home to sell first.
  2. With video, Agents set themselves apart as a savvy and progressive agent in today’s economy.
  3. Video provides a better avenue for an agent to differentiate themselves as a professional in today’s competitive market.  
  4. If no offers come in, sellers have more confidence that their agent has really done their part in marketing the home and the sellers are more inclined to be receptive to price reductions.
  5. Agents typically will see an increase in referrals because of our videos.  When a seller posts an update on Facebook, or Twitter or blog or sends a mass email, then your video tour is simultaneously broadcasting you as a respected agent.
  6. Agents are more productive in showing homes to motivated buyers who are already educated on the finer details of the home.
  7. Agents can close both sides of more sales when buyers feel like they have already connected with the agent that has done the most work in helping them to find out about the home.
Specific benefits and differences of an Altivid tour.
  1. We are a lower cost, one-stop-shop for full motion video, photos, flyers and DVDs.
  2. Satisfaction guarantee.  We don’t charge upfront.  Payment is only due upon your approval of the quality of our work. 
  3. Playable on mobile phones which can be advertised on sign riders.
  4. We have a big playback screen with various resolution settings for slower internet users.
  5. Our TV broadcast quality equipment and experienced videographer can tackle the tough lighting situations of almost any home.
  6. We use a hand held camera that provides a more flexible array of angles to shoot from for achieving the best impression of the home.
Our work speaks for itself, so check out the examples. 

Altivid delivers perhaps the most comprehensive, full-service marketing campaign for agents looking to take their overall business higher and their referral business deeper.  This comes at a low cost in comparison for the services offered by our competition.  In addition to the savings of Altivid, consider the return on your investment. 

This video marketing program works on any price range of home and we feel that the referral business you can generate more than justifies it, even on lower commission deals.  

Success stories    

True Story #1.  Our first case study.  This is when we knew we were on to something with the full motion Altivid video tour system.   List Price $410,000

It was our very first video tour on a home priced about $100k above the average home for its area.  The listing was active as the market was softening. 

The online full video tour caught the eye of some children who wanted their parents, who lived in Colorado, to move to Utah to be closer to them.  The children emailed a link to the tour to their parents.  The parents told us they watched the online video tour "over and over again, probably 25 times, until they just had to come and see it in person."   Full motion videos with narration convey the home's features better than any other medium.

The parents bought the home.  The listing clients were so happy for the sale,  the listing clients referred a buying friend (sale #2).  The friend referred their daughter who used the video tour to sale a townhome (sale #3) who then bought another home (sale #4).  Then they referred a buying son (sale #5).  Then they referred another buying daughter (sale #6).  When we checked last, there was another buyer referral and another listing referral in the pipeline. 

The first sale's major catalyst was the video tour and some happy sellers.  Six commissions later, plus two in the pipeline is a pretty good ROI. 

 It's a little hard to calculate an exact ROI, when the RETURN keeps on coming.

 True Story #2.  Double side more deals using video.  List Price $220,000

A listing agent sold a home using a video tour.  That seller was so astounded by the quality of the marketing used in the sale that a couple months later, they referred a sister who needed to sell a home and move out of state.  The market was slowing and she was nervous about leaving the state without the home sold.  The sister's home was listed and an online full motion video tour was quickly completed. 

A soldier and his wife living along the east coast saw the video tour online.  They wanted the home, but the soldier couldn't leave the base and the wife was 8 months along in pregnancy, so she couldn't leave either. 

The video tour was so complete and compelling, the soldier and his wife decided to buy the home, that's right, sight unseen.  They sent some family to inspect the home, closed on the loan and moved in a month later after the baby was born.  The listing agent had both sides of that commission. 

The first sale's major motivation for referring the listing agent came from their excitement for the video tour.  That led to another deal with a double sided commission for the agent.

When you help your clients look good with professional marketing, they'll help do the job of referring you to your next transaction and the cycle repeats. 

Do you need a tool to help set you apart from the other agents?  This could be it.

True Story #3 - The Altivid Tungsten Tour puts all the pieces together.  List Price $159,000

A buyer drove by one of the listings with a Tungsten Tour package.  The seller's front window is tinted and they can see out, but no one can see in, so the sellers watched.  The buyers approached the sign to retrieve a flyer and were surprised to see what they had at their fingertips.  They had a high quality brochure and a tour on DVD.  The buyers drove around the block and came back.  The sellers watched again. 

The buyers went home, watched the DVD and called their agent to set up an appointment to see the home and the rest is history.  The deal closed about 40 days later. 

The sellers knew the impact the quality marketing had on selling their home.  They referred a brother who had a home to sell.  The brother chose the Tungsten Tour to help get the job done. 

Another happy client.  Another referral in process.  The cycle begins again.

No longer does this listing agent get questions from sellers about what they are doing to get the home sold.

 True Story #4 - A friend in need is a friend to talk to.  List Price $290,000

A listing client's home sold using a Tungsten Tour.  The neighbor was a builder that had a spec home which had been listed for over 24 months! 

When the builder saw the quality of the marketing that helped a sale occur, the friend was happy to explain what their listing agent had done to make it happen and gave the builder an extra brochure with the DVD inside.  Let's just say the brochure was a knock out compared to passing along a business card. 

The builder's listing expired and guess which agent received a phone call the next day.  The builder explained his dilemma and a Tungsten Tour was put to work.  It took a few months to work but a buyer was found.  A cash offer was music to the builder's ears and the deal closed within 5 days. 

Which agent would you like to be, the agent with expiring listings or the one getting the phone calls from the expired listings?

Put the Altivid Tungsten Tour to work and see the success right before your eyes.

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