Full Motion Video Tour

THE PRIMARY DIFFERENCE is that we do REAL video.  Ours is a step up from a slide show or motion photo view of the home.  We include a slide show with the video when you order the Tungsten Tour.  Here's why our video stands out.

  1)  Entire home is filmed. 
  • You tell us if you want any rooms left out.
  • No walking w/ camera (no motion sickness).
  • No details are missed.
  • Accurate feel of the overall property.
  • Hand held camera provides enough variation of views to keep the buyer watching.
2) TV Newscast quality equipment
  • It's a big video camera.
  • Crisper images.
  • Vibrant color.
  • Excellent manual controls to handle the difficult lighting from outside sunlight entering through the windows of the home.
  • Wide angle lens.
3) Narration
  • Sets your listing apart from all others.
  • Speaks the unseen amenities.
  • The spoken voice makes the video interesting and helps buyers continue watching. 
  • You be the narrator or we can provide one.
  • You provide the script or we can write it.
4) Background music
  • You pick from a variety of music to fit the style of the home.
  • Don't like any of the music options? We have more to choose from. Just let us know. 
5) Hosted through YouTube
  • Great quality playback that supports our high resolution video.
  • Playable on 95% of today's computers with no cumbersome software to install.
  • Slow internet users can choose a lower quality playback to watch the video quicker.  Click on the 360p setting option.
  • Highly reliable. 
  • Continuous improvements to their platform will ensure how well it works.
  • No more squinting.  A large playback screen is automatically set, plus there is a full screen viewing option. 

*Not all mobile phones can play YouTube videos. 

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